Our Story Begins In The City of Lakes

Millets of Mewar, Rajasthan’s first dedicated health food restaurant, opened in November 2011 and has since developed a regular and enthusiastic following. The restaurant is the shared vision of a group of like-minded friends—Surendra (Sunny) Gandharva, Manoj (Manu) Prajapat, Anoop Singh Poonia, and Nirmal Prajapat—who believe in the power of food to inspire good health, good conversation, and environmental consciousness. Just four months after opening, Millets of Mewar was ranked the #1 restaurant in Udaipur on Trip Advisor.

Millets’ master chefs, Manu and Sunny, began experimenting with health food in 2007 in their hometown of Udaipur – focusing on local grains, vegetables, and spices. Their creations received an overwhelmingly positive response, which encouraged them to begin catering for events, attending food festivals, and running a food cart in Udaipur twice a week. The team was looking for their next project, and thus Millets of Mewar was born! These days, when they’re not improving or expanding the menu or discussing art and current events with customers and friends, the guys volunteer at various local and national events and organizations. They also periodically host volunteers, cultural events, book swaps, and workshops.


Our vision is to create a better world where we as a species are conscious about our food choices and its effects on our ecosystem and know where and it comes from.




Our mission is to provide more conscious choice of food. As a principle we promote and use of organic and locally sourced produce, wherever possible.

We are part of international community, “Slow Food Network,” and work on preservation of Native and Indigenous food items and recipes. We envision Millets Of Mewar as a space to explore and create options of food which are best in taste and health as well as empower people to make conscious choice and know their food.



Our Values

  • Conscious food choices

  • Organic and locally sourced produce

  • organically grown and locally sourced produce



Our Beleif

Our passion for healthy eating is guided by the local Mewari proverb, “Jaso Ann Vaso Mann”, which translates to, “We Are What We Eat”.

By educating consumers and promoting a more conscious diet, it is our hope to see a decline in the consumption of processed and unhealthy foods around the world.

Our unique recipes, such as traditional and re-imagined Indian dishes, as well as our distinctive fusion cuisines, have all been created to aid in digestion and to supply your body with essential nutrients.

We are proud to serve delicious gluten free, raw food, nuts free and vegan alternatives, all using less oil than traditional foods.


Our Story


The co-owners got their start in the kitchen at the age of 10 years old. Discovering their passion for cooking from a young age, they then travelled across India learning the local cuisines of the different states.

When they got back home to Rajasthan, they started thinking how they could create similar and modified recipes using produce and ingredients that are locally grown.

Finally, the co-owners in their early twenties, decided to pioneer the health food movement in Udaipur and open the first restaurant that focused exclusively on healthy eating.

Through more learning about health ailments found predominantly in the west, that started providing gluten free, raw food, nuts free and vegan alternatives, all using less oil than traditional foods

Thanks to those who planted the seeds…

Who harvested it for us,

Who carried it for us,

Who cooked it and bring it to the table,


…To the sun who cooked it for us,

Clouds that shower the water.

Microbes and insects which made the soil,

…all who bring it to nourish our being…