Millets of mewar featured in ``Gotta eat india``- Udaipur edition.. Hosted by the Scherzade Shorp.(sherry Shrof) Indi`s top celebrity vlogger. Link below (Gottadoindia)

Mindy Woods ``Master chef Australia ``one of the top five contestant 2012 featured us for her show. Link below (Mindy Woods)

Lets secure Energy & move towards a brighter and a greener future.
NDTV Godrej green champion a national T.V. show

Rahul karanpuriya who travel around in India did his journey threw meeting new and creative people who has been working and doing business with big dreams and ethics , a journey of 52 parindey (birds) here is the link down below a story about millets of mewar 52parinday)

Millets of mewa selected as 11 healthiest restaurant in India in mens health magazine by india today link below (11 Healthiest restaurant in India)


Trip advisor review

Happy cow review cow review)

Cooking workshopp
(Amlakamamla/ shikshantar)

Food event

Food event (Summer drink festival Shikshantar)


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